Indranet VR

The yurt or ger is the nomad's house by definition. Indranet is a piece developed in colaboration with Nuno Mika, a new media artist and architect. In this piece, the frontier between virtual reality and augmented reality is diluted, as the work contains elements of both. The work refers to the Art of Memory, a recurrent theme of my personal investigation for more than 10 years, since the days of Architecture university. I want to work on this metaphor of the memory disk and build not a disk, but a circular space, a container of memories - a house of memory (Domus memoria). In the physical space, a circle of sand marks the position of the symbols in the digital space and creates a bridge between the real and the virtual.  The house and the mandala are symbols of the archetype of 'Self' and mandalas are used not only as concentration and encoding of mythological narratives, but as technologies for creating and navigation through the palaces of memory - something similar to the mechanisms of Raymond Llul and Giordano Bruno. The spirits discuss themes essencial to human condition: memories, origins, death, God, war. I intend to show that there is an universality common to all. If we let go of all the territorial references, we are all made of the same matter. The name is a mix of Indra's Web or Indra's Net and Intranet. I relate the holograms with the illusionary reality in which we live. The physical world is an illusion - Maya - an holography beyond which the real universe manifests itself in its infinitude.  In each drop of Indra's Web we see the reflection of all the other drops until infinity. In the same way, in each person that takes the role of the traveller, we see ourselves and the reflection of mankind as a whole.




VR Installation

Exhibited at

MUTE Gallery, Lisbon PT